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Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor- Review

Karou lives two lives. She is a normal art student in Prague who is known from her detailed sketches of  chimaera. Most people think these drawing come just from her imagination, but little do they know that they are the ones who have raised her as a child, the closest thing she has to a family. Because Karou also lives her life as an errand girl in 'Elswhere'  for a chimaera that collects teeth, known as Brimstone.

Then black handprints appear on the doors of many everywhere in the world and Karou is suddenly cut off from 'Elswhere'. As Karou tries to return to her only family, she also finds many answers she'd asked from her past.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

That was some pretty intense stuff I just read.

This was basically what was going on in my head while I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone :

The excitement


The confusion


The frustration

And Then...

There were tears

Over and over again, especially towards the end. Oh, the bitter and tragic end!!! Brimstone!!! Are you dead? Is Issa dead?? Yasri? Twiga? Are they really dead or just stuck in 'Elsewhere'? The confusion! The frustration! The tears!

And the cycle goes on again....

Breath, Ela. Calm down. You need to write something productive.

Okay. Let's try this again.


Now that my brain has recovered from its brief moment of delirium, I want to warn people that this book contains Instalove.

What?!? you say. Is it... deadly?

Well, no, actually, it wasn't deadly. In fact, I didn't bother me at all.


Okay, I lied. Yes, fine, it did bother me, but only in the beginning. Naturally, when Akiva and Karou first laid eyes on each other and confessed their unexplanatory love, it practically stabbed me in the heart, with me being an Instalove hater and all. I mean, up until that point, I thought the book had a fantabulous story. I would've stopped reading, I think, because it just got so unrealistic and rushed. But I wanted to know what had happened to  Brimstone (and Zuzanna helped too; she remained as funny as ever during these parts).

I just realise now that I've been blackmailed. I kept reading because of Brimstone, and I never actually find out what happened to him, just a "They're dead" from Akiva. I don't believe the guy though. I want to hope for the best.

Sneaky Laini Taylor....

Anyways, the Instalove matter was resolved in the end and there was actually a fairly legit reason why it had to take place (unlike the other Instalove cases out there where their reasons are just rubbish).

Which brings me to my next point:

When things get too boring, or too rushed or too.... Instalovey, do not stop. Keep reading and you shall be rewarded.

Yes, this is true. You have no idea how confused I was during the middle of the book, especially during the change from Karou to Madrigal. I was actually pondering the three star rating I was going to give this book, not once, but several times. But I read on, again in pursuit of the knowledge for Brimstone. When I finally got to the end, the story felt whole. I wasn't left with any questions (except for the Brimstone one I keep asking :D) and the story felt concluded.

So that is a lesson my dear readers, read on. Let the patience wash over you....

Moving on....

I loved all the characters. They were all unique and original and all relevant to the story. Karou was kick- ass. I loved that chick. I also liked Zuzanna especially. In the times when I got bored, or when things got to intense, Zuze always lightened up the mood with her humor and made me want to read on. I also loved the chimaera family. I love the way Brimstone loves and protects Karou. I found him annoying in the beginning, and it was only until the end, when I found out his deal with Madrigal and Karou that I understood him.

The world building was magnificent. In a space of only 400 or so pages, Taylor fit in not one, but two worlds, both Prague and Eretz (and 'Elsewhere' if you'd want to include that :D). And both of them were described very vividly and detailed, that I am very much impressed.

In the conclusion, I advise you fellow impatient readers to keep reading on although it my get confusing at times. You will not regret it. Promise :)


  1. I just found your blog on Goodreads. The video clips on your reviews are so funny! I thought at first the instalove was explained, too, but then (SPOILER WARNING) I realized that they pretty much had instalove in the flashback, too. And then I wasn't as happy about it. But it's still a really great book.

  2. Hey! I came across your blog through the Blogger Lift on Google! So uh, YOU WRITE AWESOME REVIEWS. I am most definitely following you!

    Taneika @ Flipping Through the Pages

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  4. Thanks so much!

    pagesunbound: Yes, I like to add gifs on my reviews to make them more attention grabbing. And yes, I just thought I'd warn some readers about the Instalove :D

    Taneika: Thanks so much, and I will go visit you blog now and follow you too :)


  5. Thanks you guys. :)

    Pagesunbound: Haha, Ela's the pro with the gifs. I still need to her teach me how to make mine work. haha. :)

    Teneika: Thank you. You have a great blog, we are following. :)