Saturday, 3 December 2011

Blood Red Road Review

  Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


What we thought when we read the first line of Blood Red Road was, "woah, what the hell?!"
The sentence, "Lugh got born first", surprised us. But we read on, thinking it was just some random typo (everyone makes mistakes, right?) Then we started to notice other mistakes like 'an' instead of 'and' and 'jest' instead of 'just'. That's when we realised that these mistakes were intentional. Then both of us did the whole hand smacking on the forehead thing 'cause we freaking went on for a whole fifty pages or so thinking Moira Young had a really messed up editor.

When we got to the end though, the different language became one of the things we loved about the book. Both of us thought it added further to Saba’s personality and added further information to Saba’s world. Young’s style of writing is simple, which wasn’t a bad thing in this case; it made most of the scenes- especially the action ones- fast paced and all the more exciting. We was so used to this style of writing that we went around saying that Blood Red Road "warn't as bad as I wus sayin it wus" and that it was really "innerestin", accent and all.

The characters were awesome, each one unique, funny and relevant to the story. We would also like to say that we loved Tommo. He was so cute especially when him and Emmi were doing some bonding. Maybe a romance will develop? Hope so :D

We found the romance between Jack and Saba... cute, although sometimes their remarks and so called "hatred" for each other felt forced. And the way he just left in the end?! We can tell this won't end well.

The world- building was very well done- oh, God, we sound like we're talking about meat here, "would you like your steak well done, medium rare, or rare?". Scratch that then. The world building was really good (better, now?), very vivid and very... deserty, if we can say that.

In short, Blood Red Road was a fun intense read that both of us enjoyed very much. Five Stars!!

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